AD VALOREM TAX, INC. (AVTI) a property tax consulting firm that provides solutions, strategies and systems to minimize the burden of property taxes. Since 1986, AVTI has represented a distinguished client base throughout the United States, ranging from small private firms to some of the largest and most dynamic corporations in the Fortune 100. Represented property portfolios range from multi-million to multi-billion dollar levels.

AVTI's client base is nationwide in scope, yet our focus is to marshal our resources, experience and expertise to deal effectively with local assessment policy and practice. AVTI's participation and leadership in the industry is well known and our track record of proven results is extensive. Contributory factors to AVTI's success is creating value for our clients through strong long-term relationships, an uncompromising commitment to client service, high ethical standards and trust, extensive use of emerging technology and most importantly, our people, all highly qualified and experienced professionals in our industry.

A significant feature of our day to day management of client portfolios has always been the use of cutting edge technology. From the very onset we recognized that the cost benefits of technology could be passed on to our clients. When technology vacuums existed, we were one of the first companies to fill that void by developing new technology for the property tax industry and releasing the first successful PC-based corporate property tax management system in the late 1980's. We have since built upon this technology with the recent release of the next-generation property tax management system, AVTI Powertools®, the ultimate property tax system for both corporate and consulting environments.

What Distinguishes AVTI?
•  A majority of AVTI principals have experience in three dimensions of property taxation, having served as former assessment officials, corporate property tax managers with national responsibilities, and as property tax consultants.
•  AVTI principals average over 26 years of experience in the property tax arena.
•  Of AVTI's consultants, 75% have obtained their CMI designation from the Institute of Professionals in Taxation and 50% are State General Certified Appraisers.
•  All engagements are actively managed by an AVTI principal.
•  Only AVTI can provide the license and use of AVTI Powertools®.
•  Existing client referrals generates over 85% of new business.
•  Our operating philosophy promotes proactive postures as preferable to reactive actions.

AVTI's Goals for Client Engagements
 Minimize property taxes legitimately and professionally.
 Ensure full compliance with local property tax law and practice.
 Reduce administrative burdens and costs.
 Provide a cost effective engagement.

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